Design Vision Studio

Vacation Rentals, Boutique Hotels & Event Spaces

Our team will transform your property to appeal to your target market and increase your repeat clientele. Each vacation and rental property is treated as unique with a specific clientele in mind. We focus on the aesthetics, as well as, the function and needs of the property. We provide professional design guidance for DIY clients and complete turnkey interior design transformations for savvy property owners.

Let us show you how to create an “IN-DEMAND” Vacation Rental.

• We know how to create relaxing and welcoming environments

• We know how to create high impact design on a low budget

• We are award-winning designers with 40+ years of experience

• We have talented real estate photographers on our team

• We implement specific design principles so your property stands out as the best

Design Vision Studio is located in the middle of the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs area), which is the vacation, golf resort and boutique hotel capital of Southern California. We specialize in updating and elevating luxury vacation properties for our clients. Let's face it; many vacation and rental properties look like they were furnished one garage sale at-a-time. There is a reason boutique hotels are so popular. High design equals top dollar. If you have a tired and outdated property that is boring and safe, we can fix that.

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