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you know that over the past few months we have been designers-on-the-run!

Team DVS is currently working on several vacation and residential design makeovers. The approach for these types of projects are quite different. Most people set the bar at “good enough” when designing and furnishing a vacation property. For primary residence projects, you should set the bar higher and the decisions can be far more emotional and difficult to make.


We enjoyed a trip to back to Toronto and a successful presentation of our “Design Bible” (as we refer to it) to our Canadian clients for their primary residence. This project has been so much fun and a dream come true for both Patricia and Kym.


On the heels of that trip, Patricia headed out to Arizona to work with her high school volleyball coach. Yes, the fine lady on the left was Patricia’s coach! Luckily, a photo from that period is not available: mainly because (between the two of us) it would show a mullet, braces, and very big eyeglasses… phew!

Initially their place in Lake Havasu was a vacation property. And although Design Vision Studio had successfully designed their primary residence in Temecula, these clients chose to “save a few pennies” and go it alone. Within the year, their vacation home became their primary residence and it quickly became apparent that “good enough” was “not working.”

They realized things just weren’t quite right but they didn’t know how to fix it on their own. They hired us again to incorporate key pieces from Temecula while elevating the look and feel of their new home. Celebrating their retirement and a more carefree lifestyle, they wanted a fresh, happy home with bright colors and a touch of whimsy.

With the design installation almost complete, here is a colorful sneak peek



Moral of this story… our clients say they wish they had called us from the start to help them with their home on the lake. In the end, they didn’t save a dime because they made several “mistake purchases” (ouch!) They also had to wait longer before calling it “done” (one of Patricia’s favorite words.)

Design Vision Studio can help you with your primary residence, your vacation home, and even a rental home. All of these types of projects must be approached with a different mindset and different goals. We can help you get the most for you money while elevating your space and helping to increase the value of your investment.


The million-dollar design question…

Nestled into a private cove on Shaw Island in the San Juan Islands, our clients acquired a funky, vintage lodge filled with crazy collections, stories and possibly even ghostly spirits.


Kym and I were recently invited up to spend a weekend there to discuss a possible design and remodeling plan for this property. We later found out our clients were a little hesitant and unsure how their interior designers were going to react to their eccentric home where every single possible design rule has been thrown out the window.


The main collections are authentic totems and Native American art, all things maritime with an emphasis towards luxury cruise liners, and then a wing filled with treasures from the Orient.

Our clients say the theme is “understated is overrated” and, in this case, we couldn’t agree more!


As certified Design Psychology coaches, we encourage people to create and live authentically in their homes by surrounding themselves with their favorite things and memories.

But what happens when those “favorite” things don’t go together? What happens if you want to thin out your collection a bit? What do you keep, what do you let go of? Or, what happens when repairs and TLC are needed but replacements are no longer available?

We can help answer the million-dollar question…
is it time to CHERISH or is it time to CHANGE?


Our clients tell us they don’t feel like homeowners as much as they feel like curators of a vast collection. This home and nearly all of the contents were lovingly passed on to our clients. It serves as a legacy to the amazing couple that spent nearly 40 years hunting and gathering the amazing collections that adorn this home.


You can’t help but thinking this island home is the “life of the party.” Dressed outrageously with midcentury modern furniture, several sets of fine china and over 30 country and 12 state flags to greet visitors on their private dock. The home also boasts a vast collection of fine scotch that looks like it should be on the set of Mad Men.

Somehow, it not only works but it FEELS GOOD to be there.

This is the “Auntie Mame” of properties and needs to be CHERISHED. We all agree that the restoration and remodel of this home needs to be done without disturbing the amazing character of this property.

Design Vision Studio – our big debut


Today marks the official launch of our new division along with a NEW WEBSITE and BLOG featuring our behind-the-scenes Design Vision Stories.   WHY WE DID IT +


Our focus is to provide professional design services to our clients who have chosen to STAY, SELL, RENT, or FLIP their properties. Design Vision Studio will continue specializing in whole-home, residential design and remodeling projects with the addition of quick-fix design makeovers and staging for clients who want to protect their investment properties.   SEE WHAT’S NEW + 


We’ve had big success with our signature style, a certain look we coined, California Fresh Design, which is tailored, comfortable, airy and bright.  We are not known for just one particular look, we design modern to traditional makeovers. Our California Fresh Design can look many different ways. It really describes a lifestyle over a design style.  

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If you have a tired and outdated property that is boring and safe Design Vision Studio can help you change that.   HERE’S HOW +

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