Sleepless in Portland: Houseboat Progress Report


In August of 2013, I first mentioned my intention of acquiring a floating home in Portland. Since then, I have only shared a few teasers on the progress of this remodeling project. I am happy to report that the houseboat is habitable and about 99% complete.


I still don’t want to share the after photos because I have other plans for chronicling this unique remodeling experience. But… since many of you have been inquiring, I thought I could share one backstory about two incredible custom paintings completed by our very own Team Lockwood member Kym Carilo.


I’m always advising my clients that it is important to “tell their story through design.” In this instance I took my own advice. I was inspired by an inexpensive water color painting I had purchased for my houseboat of a young boy in an inner-tube. This photo looks eerily like my son as a young boy and so reminded me of him with his cousins on summer vacations.

sherrell trish

I then provided childhood photos of my partner and I and requested that Kym paint these photos imitating the style displayed in the painting of the boy. I knew Kym was talented but these paintings are so fun and have become two of my favorite items in the home. (You’ll note that I further challenged Kym by asking to add red sunglasses on my picture so that both paintings have a pop of red which is a theme throughout the home.)


The photos have special meaning to me so these paintings make me smile every time I see them. I think it’s so important to incorporate personal touches in every design project and I believe this is a good example of how you can accomplish this. As to the houseboat before and after photos – don’t worry there’s still more to come!


written by Patricia Lockwood

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