Internship Review – Bonus Blog – Ashlyn Morrison is a future design rockstar!


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Design Vision Studio had the wonderful opportunity this summer to work with Ashlyn Morrison, who we believe is a future design rockstar! Ashlyn is currently an Interior Design student at Abilene Christian University in Texas. Part of her curriculum required her to complete a 30 day internship with a design firm. Although Ashlyn had many options of where to intern, we feel lucky that she chose Design Vision Studio!

It has been a privilege to have Ashlyn join our team. I didn’t want to waste a minute of her talent by having her sharpen pencils and fetch us coffee. (I remember not being taken seriously at the beginning of my design career). Instead, I wanted to give Ashlyn full access to all that we do in a small design firm. It was a chance for us to mentor a young up-and-comer while also getting some great and much needed summer help.

Ashlyn jumped right in. She received hands-on experience with client meetings, design development, and sourcing materials for projects. She was also able to help us upgrade our technology with better methods and visuals for how we present our projects to our clients. This is the fun part of design.

Ashlyn was also involved in the development of new client forms, internal systems, contracts, project management, and inventory tracking, etc. This is the not-so-fun side of running a design business. And the list goes on.

The bottom line is that Ashlyn required very little direction and handholding. Her skill set is off the charts. She is decisive, resourceful, and whip-smart. Ashlyn impressed everyone she came across and represented herself as nothing but professional. I give Ashlyn a 5-star recommendation to any potential future employers!

So when it was time to say goodbye… I had no choice but to beg Ashlyn to stay.


Upon her graduation in December, Ashlyn hopes to start her career with a design firm in Dallas. We hope she is given this opportunity because we know she will shine in an environment that values all that she has to offer. If she changes her mind and wants to return to Design Vision Studio, Ashlyn has a full time position waiting for her as a junior designer.


Patricia Lockwood
along with Kym Carilo & Sarah Rochford