Interior Design is like a HOT DOG


As seasoned designers we often juggle availability and lead times for both products and labor without breaking a sweat. However, the REALITY is that our clients personality actually determines how quickly a project progresses.

I just love analogies, so think about this for a moment:

What type of client are you?

If your car were broken,
you would take it to your trusted mechanic.
You would then sit back and let the professional fix your car.
You wouldn’t go into the work bay
to watch and analyze every step, right?

Our team at Design Vision Studio specializes in interpreting client goals and selecting the most beautiful, harmonious, and functional elements for the space. Most of our clients are more interested in the RESULTS of their project. We have found that we get to the finish line quicker when we have clients who trust us by letting go of the need to control each and every detail.

Other clients simply need more time to digest and analyze. Some clients want to understand each and every detail of their design plan and have many “why” questions. Other clients are paralyzed by needing to make so many decisions.

If any of these are the case, most of our design time is spent EDUCATING by offering detailed explanations to justify each reason for our selections and suggestions. This is, as you can imagine, a more lengthy and costly process which often impacts the project timeline.

So the “HOW LONG” answer can vary depending on the personality of our clients. Don’t worry, we have experience working with all types of clients. And we really do understand the anxiety that accompanies design and remodeling projects! Our projects often require literally thousands of decisions – some big and some small. We see the “big picture” and will help you proceed with confidence. As Jerry McGuire (Tom Cruise) would say “HELP US HELP YOU.


“Interior Design is like a hot dog…
sometimes it’s better not overthinking the details
and just to enjoy the outcome”