I promise, this is the LAST BLOG for Lockwood Interiors




After 5 years of blogging and sending monthly email newsletters
for Lockwood Interiors… I promise, this will be the last.

I know. I can’t believe it either. But it’s time to take a final encore. Ok, so perhaps I am being a bit dramatic, because really, Team Lockwood isn’t going anywhere. We are in the final stretch before our launch of DESIGN VISION STUDIO.

More than a name change, this is about staying current and at the top of our field. Quite frankly, we have simply outgrown Lockwood Interiors.

When I started Lockwood Interiors, it was only me-me-me. But now I have an incredible and talented DESIGN TEAM! I am so proud of Kym Carilo and Sarah Rochford for continuing their design education. They have made it possible to become a different and better type of “ONLY.”

Design Vision Studio will be the ONLY award-winning luxury design firm in the western states comprised of a team of professional interior designers who are ALSO uniquely qualified specialists certified in Design Psychology.

So stay tuned… Next month, we will roll out the carpet for a brand new blog featuring our behind-the-scenes Design Vision Stories. We will debut our new website with loads of new project photos. We will be launching a variety of new design services with big plans to improve how we serve our clients!

This is NOT goodbye and we promise we won’t forget you. You will continue to receive our new and improved newsletter from Design Vision Studio. And best yet, we will NOT be changing our VERY POPULAR email policy.

“Marketing experts say we should send more emails.
We disagree and think ONCE-A-MONTH is enough!

Thank you for all of your business and support.




Top 10 reasons to visit

Kym and I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the iconic Sunnyland Estates in Rancho Mirage last month. The mid-century modern architecture and perfectly preserved interiors offers a glimpse into the history of the incredible lives of the late Walter and Lee Annenberg. We recommend that you visit Sunnylands if you have not done so already!

Here are the TOP TEN highlights & insights from our estate tour:

1) The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands offers free admission to the center and gardens and offers many tours to the public.
Our 90 minute, guided tour of the Historic house was a nail-biter for designers who were not allowed to photograph or touch anything.

2) The estate fills 200 acres and sits behind “peach parfait” walls which was Lee’s signature color.
Like most, we’ve been mistakenly calling the wall “pink” for years.

3) The home has 22 guest rooms spread out among the 20,000-square-foot main house and three cottages-all designed by A. Quincy Jones, the master of Southern California modernism.
The Mayan inspired home features a pyramid roof with an egg crate ceiling.

4) The interiors designed and furnished in Hollywood Regency style by William Haines and Ted Graber are kept in perfect time-capsule condition.
Jealousy peaks! If only we could go back in time and be the design team for this once-in-a-lifetime project.

5) Known as the West Coast Camp David, you can walk in the footsteps of noted Hollywood Celebrities, Politicians, World Leaders, Royal Families and other philanthropists and business leaders.
The Room of Memoires gave us goose bumps and was our favorite on the house tour.

6) Sunnylands has housed presidents from eight administrations, including President Obama. Our tour guide said the master bedroom may only be used by the president of the United States.
Our current President only spent the night once and has opted to stay in Thunderbird Estates at the home of his interior designer, Michael S. Smith.
Fun fact: we are currently working with Michael’s relatives.

7) While most of the Annenbergs’ collections of impressive art and antiques still remain in the house, their private collection of Impressionist paintings was donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
The home now features digital reproductions impeccably displayed.

8) The official website boasts the “stunning gardens feature 1.25 miles of walking paths that meander through more than 53,000 individual plants and 50 arid-landscape species” designed by Landscape architect James Burnett.
We have now officially deemed the café in the visitor center as being the best place to grab a relaxing cup of coffee.

9) The private golf course features 850 olive trees, 11 artificial fishing lakes and a scattering of sculptures.
The children of the Annenbergs’ family were known to have golf cart races on the grounds when it was still a family home.

10) Sunnylands was created to be “A Place to Change the World.”
It only took a 2 hour visit at Sunnylands to change OUR world.

Kym and I left inspired and smiling. How did we miss this design gem for so many years? We want to thank our design peeps John-Patrick and Francie for the invitation to join them for this tour. The day offered so much more than we ever imagined. We plan to go back soon!

More Sunnylands info, photos, history, and mission: http://www.sunnylands.org



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