FANS are great… but CLIENTS are better!

Marketing Ninjas
say we should send more emails and we have less than three seconds to make an impression. For us, it’s not how many impressions we make – it’s more a goal to make lasting impressions.

So we want to take this moment to thank you for your business and support. We appreciate you so much that we refuse to fall-in-line with these so-called marketing experts and bombard you with e-mails.

Instead, we choose to focus on actual relationships. We do our best to keep up in the tech world but our priority is to spend our time designing and providing customer service to our clients.

We can relate to “O.O.S.” (online overload syndrome.) Our newest pet-peeve involves visiting websites and then our intended search immediately halted by a pop-up window. This frustrating obstacle generally promises a coupon or a discount of some kind. But the real truth is that it feels more like an invitation to be stalked in your inbox and social media feed.

So rest assured, Lockwood Interiors will remain “low-key” in our web presence and you can choose to follow Lockwood Interiors (or not) with no pressure. We totally understand. Just know that we absolutely will not to sell or share your contact information and we rarely stray from the time-table listed below.


emails and blogging – 1x a month



website and houzz updates – 1x a month



facebook and pinterest activity – 1x a week



Thank you again but before we go…
we have an announcement and we’d like to ask for one little favorĀ with our Ellen DeGeneres houseboat video.

Thank You Ellen-1

Drumroll please….


And giving our video a “thumbs up” would be incredibly appreciated.

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