Are you ready for the holidays?

I know you probably think I am crazy for even bringing it up. But seriously, when it comes to remodel projects and interior design, if you want your home perfect for the holidays, you should be thinking about it now. (And, as the Purchasing Manager at Lockwood Interiors, you can really help make my job easier.)

In the desert, it’s that time of year when our busy spring is winding down and our snowbirds are leaving town. Many of them, however, have made decisions about projects that we will oversee while they are out of state. When they return – the big reveal – without them having to deal with the hassle of living in a construction zone. They will be ready for “season” and the holidays, and we’ve taken care of all the details.

The truth is you might be surprised how long it really takes to get everything you need for your remodel. Many clients call us in late October or early November wanting a “design miracle” by Christmas. I know we all get confused by how quickly things come together on those HGTV design shows, but here’s the reality:


Planning, designing, sourcing, getting bids can take as long as two months.


Construction, new cabinets, purchase orders… another two months.


Furniture orders, drapery orders, custom bedding…
you guessed it, two months or longer!

Obviously, some of these time frames overlap, however, this is not even taking into consideration change orders, out of stock items, back orders, and discontinued products.

So if December 1st sounds like a good time to have your home looking updated and top notch, call us to start your project NOW.

Allow time, plan ahead, and please help me – help YOU!

Happy Holidays,


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