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you know that over the past few months we have been designers-on-the-run!

Team DVS is currently working on several vacation and residential design makeovers. The approach for these types of projects are quite different. Most people set the bar at “good enough” when designing and furnishing a vacation property. For primary residence projects, you should set the bar higher and the decisions can be far more emotional and difficult to make.


We enjoyed a trip to back to Toronto and a successful presentation of our “Design Bible” (as we refer to it) to our Canadian clients for their primary residence. This project has been so much fun and a dream come true for both Patricia and Kym.


On the heels of that trip, Patricia headed out to Arizona to work with her high school volleyball coach. Yes, the fine lady on the left was Patricia’s coach! Luckily, a photo from that period is not available: mainly because (between the two of us) it would show a mullet, braces, and very big eyeglasses… phew!

Initially their place in Lake Havasu was a vacation property. And although Design Vision Studio had successfully designed their primary residence in Temecula, these clients chose to “save a few pennies” and go it alone. Within the year, their vacation home became their primary residence and it quickly became apparent that “good enough” was “not working.”

They realized things just weren’t quite right but they didn’t know how to fix it on their own. They hired us again to incorporate key pieces from Temecula while elevating the look and feel of their new home. Celebrating their retirement and a more carefree lifestyle, they wanted a fresh, happy home with bright colors and a touch of whimsy.

With the design installation almost complete, here is a colorful sneak peek



Moral of this story… our clients say they wish they had called us from the start to help them with their home on the lake. In the end, they didn’t save a dime because they made several “mistake purchases” (ouch!) They also had to wait longer before calling it “done” (one of Patricia’s favorite words.)

Design Vision Studio can help you with your primary residence, your vacation home, and even a rental home. All of these types of projects must be approached with a different mindset and different goals. We can help you get the most for you money while elevating your space and helping to increase the value of your investment.

Design Vision Studio – our big debut


Today marks the official launch of our new division along with a NEW WEBSITE and BLOG featuring our behind-the-scenes Design Vision Stories.   WHY WE DID IT +


Our focus is to provide professional design services to our clients who have chosen to STAY, SELL, RENT, or FLIP their properties. Design Vision Studio will continue specializing in whole-home, residential design and remodeling projects with the addition of quick-fix design makeovers and staging for clients who want to protect their investment properties.   SEE WHAT’S NEW + 


We’ve had big success with our signature style, a certain look we coined, California Fresh Design, which is tailored, comfortable, airy and bright.  We are not known for just one particular look, we design modern to traditional makeovers. Our California Fresh Design can look many different ways. It really describes a lifestyle over a design style.  

Untitled design (1)

If you have a tired and outdated property that is boring and safe Design Vision Studio can help you change that.   HERE’S HOW +

M O R E  E X C I T I N G  N E W S !!!
I can now check ‘become an author’ off my bucket list!
Sleepless in Portland is about the design adventures of remodeling
(and accidentally flipping) a floating home.


For your complimentary copy of the Sleepless in Portland eBook
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More than a Name Change…



OPRAH gave me a Makeover


Think I was leading a glamorous life as a designer? (HA!) Not even close.
Time got away from me and I found myself in a rut.

I failed to pay attention to the details and make upgrades along the way.
Before I knew it – I lost my way and was overwhelmed.

For anyone who can relate,
I hope my makeover journey will be your inspiration.



Whoever said it’s not the destination.. it’s the journey… lied!

Last year, I was flipping through Oprah Winfrey’s ‘O’ Magazine and came across their section titled “LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.” This is Oprah’s way of encouraging us to do our best all the time and to accept ourselves when we do. This article caused me to have an “ah-ha” moment. I realized that I was NOT in fact living my best life.

I immediately found myself on a quest for a major makeover in the main areas of my life. These included: my home, my body, my image, and my business. I put the plan in motion with my 48th birthday (this month) as my target date to complete my new goals. I invested both time and money along the way and looking back, I have no regrets.

I am celebrating and determined that “48 is not too late” to live my best life.


I liked my home but was not “in love” with it. I didn’t feel in sync with the style and architecture despite compliments from friends and family. It was time for a change.

I sold my Floating Home in Portland and my La Quinta home and downsized to a house that’s a better fit. My new house (more photos: Arrow Ranch on Houzz) is fun and a bit quirky. I broke design rules and didnt take the “safe” route. It is DARING and yet comfortable. The process was exhausting and time consuming but now that it is over, I am thrilled with the results.

I now live in a home that nourishes my soul and better represents my style and tastes.


As a workaholic, I was so busy running my design business that I was no longer taking care of myself. Long hours of sitting at my desk and eating on the run (topped off with too much soda and coffee) turned me into someone I barely recognized. They say “sitting is the new smoking” and with this analogy I was sitting about two packs a day!

There happened to be a gym (Next Level Fitness) right next door to my office. I signed up for their ‘Fit in 42’ program, and it was the best investment I could have ever made!

I have lost nearly 30 pounds and I am motivated to live a healthier more active lifestyle.


I always thought I’d rather walk on fire than be subject to a fashion makeover. But then I had a chance meeting with Cat Slater (The Fashion Alchemist) who has changed my life.

Cat gently told me the hard truth – that I needed to dress like I could afford my own services! She was telling me that my business wardrobe was all wrong. I had 700 black skirts and 900 black tops. Ok, so I like black! (Plus it’s sliming, see “body makeover” above for why that was important!) I knew Cat had the talent and expertise to help me, but when she told me her fee, I tried not to gulp. I took a leap of faith and started the process of upgrading my business image and add color and style to my wardrobe.

Hiring a professional in an area where I lacked skills has been worth every penny!


As a creative person in the business of design, I am always striving to improve and reach the top of my field. After 16 years dedicated to Lockwood Interiors and its current business model, I found myself ready for new challenges.

I am excited about adding a new division and brand to Lockwood Interiors called Design Vision Studio. This new division will provide expanded packages for interior design services, while continuing to provide the exceptional customer service that our clients have come to expect.

Stay tuned… Design Vision Studio will be launching soon!




LOCKWOOD INTERIORS Palm Desert, California.


Patricia Lockwood, Award-Winning Interior Designer & Stager,
Certified Design Psychology Coach, and I.D.S. Professional




I hate to admit… I am my own worst client.

When you choose to work with an Interior Designer, you are working with a design expert who has talent, education and experience in their field.

I’m often reminding my clients to “trust the process” and go with our vision, selections, and design decisions. After all, you choose Lockwood Interiors because you have viewed our projects online and liked what you saw.




I know it sounds a lot easier than it is because I have my own issues with trusting experts. For instance, when I go to the hairdresser I bombard her with pictures of haircuts and a diatribe of details that I want.

She’s patient and she listens to me, but at some point, I have to sit back, relax, be quiet (hence the gag) and turn the scissors over to her. Sometimes I even make her job harder than it should be because I’ve given myself a little unauthorized trim. So believe me – I get it!

Keep in mind that even a small change can make a big difference in the outcome.

Here’s an analogy: what if you were having surgery… would you tell the Doctor how to do their job? Would you suggest which instrument they use? Would you really want to stay awake to participate? No, you have to breathe in the happy gas and let the professional do their job because you want the intended results.

Unfortunately, when I graduated from design school I was not given a license to prescribe anesthesia to my clients. So you’re just going to have to trust us without the sedatives!

Leave the worry and decision making to us; we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Hair by Nicole Torres
Thank you for being such a good sport!



LOCKWOOD INTERIORS Palm Desert, California.

Patricia Lockwood, Award-Winning Interior Designer
& Certified Design Psychology Coach, and I.D.S. Professional

Can your house really go on a diet?

New Year - New You


Because January is the time to set goals, take action and make improvements to one’s life, Team Lockwood has a design challenge for you.

Soon we will all have to tackle the dreaded task of taking down and packing away the holiday decorations. While you are putting your house back in order, why not take it a step further?

Since a house can’t make a New Years resolution, we have done it for you. We offer you this easy and realistic plan to organize, improve and transform your home – one month at a time.

Our NEW YEAR – NEW YOU – NEW HOME plan uses the basic principles of Design Psychology. The idea is to breakup your home into ten zones and address improvements one zone per month. The last two months of the year can be a time to tackle larger improvements and get ready for the holidays once more.

Follow our monthly guide filled with design tips and ideas, or be creative and customize your own guide. With a little effort and some soul-searching, you will be surprised how a few simple changes around the house can transform the way you feel in your home.


written by Patricia Lockwood

Patricia Lockwood is an award-winning designer who runs her successful interior design business in Palm Desert, California. Self-described as an Interior Designer with a twist; she passes along trade discounts and special pricing to her clients, making her services a true value.

Want to learn more about Patricia Lockwood?

Visit and follow her on Houzz, Facebook, Pinterest


As a lifelong Southern California girl, I haven’t had much exposure to the true “change of seasons.” Even so, Fall is my favorite time of year, especially in the desert. While most people wait for the “turning of the leaves”, I wait for the “scalping of the lawns.” After months of sizzling summer temps, our beautiful desert cools down and our wonderful Snowbirds return.

I am so thankful for the opportunity of working with amazing and yet sometimes an eclectic group of clients. I say this because not all design clients fit into the same mold. Just like with children, it would be in poor taste to admit out loud who are my favorites (but you know who you are!) 

Last month, I was described (accurately) as “quirky.” But the truth is, I am not alone in this category. My valued clients have their own idiosyncrasies and entertaining character traits. Over the years, I have found people who work with designers fall into four common categories.


Embrace your traits image

1.  The Enthusiast –  already has a design file filled with paint chips, photos and magazine clippings. They have online accounts for Pinterest and HOUZZ, and have done plenty of research. They are eager to help and ready to get their hands dirty.

2.  The Butterfly –  flutters about in search of the perfect place to land. They often have great style and ideas but lack confidence to move forward because they find it difficult to visualize the big picture. Fearful of making a mistake, they often enlist the help of friends, family and neighbors, to double-check each design decision along the way.

3.  The Optimist –  has perhaps watched too many design shows which has led them to believe that a complete design and remodel can be done in a matter of days. The optimist is full of questions about availability (for products, labor, delivery, etc.) For example, “Why does it take 3 weeks to make a couple of pillows?” This client may understand the explanation but is still anxious to reach the finish line once a decision is made. Fast and furious design is usually required with this client.

4.  The Anti-Shopper –  has no need to review every color, pattern, and fabric selected because working with a designer is like getting a root canal (no offense taken.) The Anti-shopper doesn’t love dealing with all the details of the project and is only interested in the end result. These clients willingly relinquish control when out of their comfort zone and trust the design process.

I describe my Ideal Client as being realistic, informed and prepared both emotionally and financially for the project we are undertaking. This category is not listed above because very seldom do clients start in this category. They become ideal clients in the course of a project. In the end, they may not always understand the “how or why” of each design decision but they do value the strengths and benefits of working with an experienced professional.

So I encourage you to embrace your traits. There is a saying that goes “there is nothing worse than a high-maintenance woman who doesn’t think she is high-maintenance.” Meaning, if you embrace who you really are, life for all around you will be more enjoyable. I can honestly admit that I am NOT always an Ideal Client myself. Just ask my web designer.

New Logo_2_2

by Patricia Lockwood,

Interior Designer and author of this Interior Design Psychology Blog.