A Gift for Design Stalkers

Tis’ the season for parties, gatherings and celebrations. Designers sometimes dread this time of year for one reason. Much like a doctor, if asked at a party “what do you do?” we open the flood gates to get cornered, questioned, poked and probed.

Why? Because when we answer “interior designer” – well-meaning, design enthusiasts want to have all their specific design questions answered and have their home designed on the spot! We lovingly refer to these folks as “design stalkers.”

Even though “how-to” info is abundant and at their fingertips, people still want and need personalized design guidance.



This is not unusual. Many people know what they want but are simply overwhelmed because, although they know what they like, they don’t know how to put it all together.

Sound familiar?
Well, stop the struggle – we have a solution! Like a good doctor, Design Vision Studio provides house-calls!

If you or someone you know has ever said “I wish my home can look like this” – be a HERO and give the gift of interior design!



We will share our experience and expertise so your home can reach its full potential. You are welcome to share inspiration photos, ask questions and take notes. We will provide verbal recommendations and qualified opinions on what can be achieved with your desired budget. + more

Stop feeling self-conscious… become house-proud!
Your home can be more beautiful than you ever could of imagined!

We are just a click or call away…