Design Diary – The Secret to being an Ideal Client

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If you have never worked with an Interior Designer, I would like to share some insights and suggestions that may help you get the most out of the experience.

My best and most successful projects have been with clients with the following qualities:

1. They value the quality of their lives.
2. They are realistic, informed and prepared
3. They are in-tune with their emotions, motivations and are open to change.
4. They are able to communicate with confidence their likes and dislikes.
5. They trust the process.

So, what do you think makes an Ideal Client?
My answers may surprise you because an unlimited budget didn’t even make the list.

My Ideal Client is educated about the costs and time-lines associated with similar types of projects they are planning. They know their budget and the goals they want to accomplish.

My Ideal Client has done their homework. They have compiled a small file with inspiration photos from a catalog or magazine, a wish list of special items to use or purchase, and if available, copies of the floor plan.

My Ideal Client has researched my website, how I work, seen my portfolio and read the testimonials – all before scheduling a consultation. They have developed a plan for our first meeting with a list of priorities and questions.

My Ideal Client sees the value of my experience, education, talent, ideas and vision that I bring to each and every project. I will always try to provide the best options within budget. When a project exceeds the budget, it often occurs from client choices or indecision resulting in costly change orders. My responsibility is to help my clients prioritize their goals and to maximize their budget to ensure they get what they want and need in their environments.

With the current state of our economy, it may appear logical to go ahead with a plan to remodel without professional design assistance in an effort to cut costs. Most likely, there will be a struggle to achieve the desired results and costly mistakes will be made. Without proper guidance, the disruption of remodeling can be stressful with countless choices and decisions to be made. A designer can simplify and ease the process by taking care of the details.

In my design practice, the designer/client relationship is the most important stepping- stone for any successful remodeling project. Like any healthy relationship, it requires trust, communication and participation on both sides. My clients will not only receive a valuable service, but also Peace of Mind.