Discovering Design

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My first foray into interior design dates back to when I was a little girl. My parents say that I would lead my father upstairs to instruct him of the proper placement of my bedroom furniture. I was in preschool.

My own experience of Discovering Design started with an awareness that environment changes my mood, my feelings and my outlook on life. When I have felt disconnected with my surroundings, I set out to make a change – not knowing I was using the principles of Design Psychology.

Although the practice of Design Psychology is relatively new, for over a century Architects and Environmental Psychologists have studied how surroundings influence our behavior. Design Psychology emphasizes the importance of personal and symbolic objects in each space so that one feels connected to their surroundings.

One practical exercise of Design Psychology is to explore the history of the homes in your past, or locations of significance, that carry an emotional response. It starts by making a list of the qualities of the spaces that have affected you in a positive way. The goal is to discover what “home” means to you.

For me, I have lived in 12 residences over the course of my life – all of which I have loved and look back fondly. Each home had its own distinct look and feel that met my wants and needs at that time. Today, I’m living well in a home that supports and showcases the best in me and includes the story of where I’ve been, what I enjoy and how I want to live.